10 Reasons Why I Love The Dukan Diet

Ten Reasons Why I LOVE the Dukan Diet:

1) The Dukan Diet feels like a no brainer to me. It sounds incomprehensible to most people to eliminate fat, carbs and sugar. For starters sugar is so bad for you that it will one day be obsolete because there are so many better natural sugar substitutes like stevia made from a plant that’s safer to use. I am using other sugar substitutes such as sucralose but sparingly. Having stevia in my lattes and yogurt is a god-send. Eating no  fat is no big deal either. I use a tiny bit in my salads and when making eggs or Dukan oat bran pancakes in my non-stick frying pan. No carbs? Well, just make some cloud bread or Dukan bread with recipes from Pinterest or Youtube. It is recommended to not have a food that has more than 2% fat which is surprisingly a lot of different kinds of foods, most meats and dairy.

10 reasons why i love the dukan diet

2) Walking for 20 minutes a day is the recommend ‘Rule’ however, I easily walked 30-60 minutes a day. In the morning I walk out from my house for 15 minutes and turned around and walked back. The same after work. Really, a phone with awesome music is a perfect way to get ready for the day and wind down after work….perfect ME time.

Dukan Diet weight loss

3) I saved money by not eating out. You are not allowed to eat out until you reach your True weight. For 3 months I did not eat out at restaurants and I was fine with this. When you see the numbers on the scale decrease by 2 lbs a week you couldn’t care less about going out. I’ll go out later…who cares?

4) After the Attack Phase which is mostly protein for 3-6 days you begin the Cruise Phase which alternates protein days with protein and vegetables days. Great, I enjoyed the variety of introducing vegetables and eating what I wanted within the parameters. The Dukan Diet Rules can be found HERE.

5) I was always full. So for breakfast I make a cafe latte with 1% milk and I’m full for 2 hours. Then I’d have a snack like a hard boiled egg. Lunch is cold cuts from Whole Foods with low fat Mayo and lettuce. Then maybe a decaf cafe latte with 1% milk and a salad for dinner. Tea in the evening and yogurt with oat bran. I was never hungry or ever felt deprived.  It’s pretty mind blowing to find foods to eat, never feel hungry, and lose weight.

6) I went on Pinterest and typed in ‘Thinspiration’ and found lots of pins that encouraged me to go on my walks and not want to pig out. The girls on there are sometimes quite thin, not anorexic but young and very thin…however, it did inspire me. Sometimes I’d look at them in the evening and it would definitely encourage me to get out an walk. What’s the big deal really? It’s just walking.

7) When it started raining in October I bought a treadmill for $200 on Craigslist and walked on that. I’d hook up my to ipad to youtube videos of music, Ted Talks, or my favorite show. No reasons or excuses not to exercise. Problem solved! And no gym membership…great!  I still can’t believe people do those boot camp classes and get no results. Plus all those runners I see…When I used to run and bike race we trained for hours a week but I didn’t lose that much weight because the intense exercise made me super hungry and I’d wolf down 500 calories when I got home which is really just a bagel and cream cheese. Now after taking a 30 minute walk there is absolutely no increase in appetite.

8) No super meal planning or meal prep for hours on Sunday afternoons. I grocery shop twice a week and generally plan my meals for the day but its so easy.  I really just make some yogurt, coffee and throw some snacks in my bag for work and that’s it.

dukan diet lose weight

9) I was turning 50 years old at the time and couldn’t loose an once. Seeing the scale decrease every day was also mind blowing. It could also be called the “Menopause Diet” as far as I’m concerned. Seriously, rapid weight loss was very surprising for me.

10) I saved money by not having to prepare elaborate meals with multiple ingredients. I don’t even like cooking so not having to cook meals every night or spend a lot of time organizing all these meals was really nice. Plus I’m impatient so whipping up a meal in 5 minutes was alright by me. I also make certain dishes in the slow cooker and enjoyed preparing my simple meals. And still do!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Dukan Diet and how I lost 25 lbs in 3 months!

Check out some of my other awesome posts. I was put on this planet to help people and I want to help you lose this weight that you’ve been struggling with. Struggle no more. Seriously, being on a diet without counting calories or being hungry??

It’s time to Go For It!

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