About Me

dukan diet weight loss


I am a Dukan Diet loving girl named Teri and I’m here to show you exactly how I lost 25 lbs in 3 months and have kept it off for a year. I lost this weight safely, with minimal exercise and was never hungry…I’m serious. NO HUNGER! I hardly even think about food anymore. No more dreaming, feeling deprived, feeling guilty or obsessed with food. Walking briskly helped me lose this weight…no going to the gym, cycling, running or brutal boot camps.



I’m a Mature Soul and have been put on this planet to help people. I love teaching, giving free advice, and talking for hours about what makes people happier, healthier, thinner and how to feel fabulous.

I live on the West Coast and have a small Chihuahua.

Thank you for joining me and enjoy the weight loss journey!


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