How Detox Teas Helped Me Lose 25 lbs

Dukan Diet Detox Tea

How detox teas helped me lose 25 lbs on the Dukan Diet. Well, last year I was poking around Pinterest and noticed a Pin about Detox teas and how those young, beautiful yoga girls on Instagram have a cup of tea in their hand standing in their kitchens in a totally perfect yoga outfit. Someone checked it out and found out that these skinny, flat belly detox teas are basically a laxative tea. They are quite popular and quite effective. Gone are the days when your digestive system is at a snails pace making everyone cranky and ornery.

Well, I bought myself some Yogi Lemon Detox Tea and found it be quite tasty and refreshing. I read the instructions and it recommends drinking up to 10 cups a day. I guess Kendall Jenner has several cups a day to keep slim for modeling. I don’t know about you but I’m not really interested in drinking that much tea each day, I like tea but seriously, I can really only endure a cup before bed. I enjoy it most with Ginger skinny syrup and lemon juice added for more flavor.

Weight loss detox tea

Sometimes I enjoy it throughout the day especially if its cold outside or rainy. There are many other kinds of Yogi teas or detox teas. They have a huge variety if you need more energy, better skin, less stress or to relax. They actually produce a ton of different kinds depending on your needs. Yogi came from India in 1969 and made a blend of teas for his yoga students. Included in the recipe were five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. All natural for a sense of well being.

What I have been doing for many years though is having this Chinese slimming tea I found at a China town market that is actually pretty strong. As in, having it in the evening and whamo, all the food in your body is expelled the next morning. It’s a bit endearing and takes getting used to but yeah, a perfectly flat stomach for the rest of the day.

It’s called Ballerina Tea and now I can find it in a normal grocery store in the Asian section. It does the trick and I do recommend it once or maybe twice a week depending on your digestive system. I actually have two teabags because I mean business and and don’t like messing around. Sometimes one teabag doesn’t work which is a bummer…

Dukan diet detox tea

Another tea I like is Smooth Move. It’s not super strong, does the trick and you can buy it in most health food stores like Whole Foods and sometimes in a regular grocery store. I might take this also once or twice per week. I obviously have digestive problems so I need extra attention just to function normally. Plus, you’d be surprised how filling 2 arrowroot cookies and a cup of tea is.

Dukan diet detox tea

Back in June 2016 I started the Dukan Diet, lost 25 lbs in 3 months and have kept it off for one year but I wasn’t drinking much detox tea. Maybe the Ballerina Tea once per week but I don’t think the tea really contributed to my weight loss. It was the real deal on the Dukan Diet. I followed the diet to the letter, did not cheat, walked 30 minutes twice a day and lost 2 lbs per week. I do weigh myself every day and if I see 126 lbs on the scale I start with a protein day and stay off any carbs.

Otherwise I eat what I want. I NEVER feel hungry, I stopped obsessing about food, and I sometimes even forget to eat like those skinny people who have no appetite.

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It was super easy and I LOVE this diet. I still can’t believe I went from 149 lbs to 124 lbs in 3 short months. It was the easiest thing I have ever done in my life and I encourage you to follow my journey on exactly how I did this. I am a mature soul and feel that I’ve been put on this planet to help people. You can find out the Dukan Diet rules HERE.

I want everyone to feel incredible about themselves, look fabulous, and keep the weight off. I have had zero problems keeping it off and encourage everyone who is struggling with food and body image to start the Dukan Diet. A year from now you will thank yourself.

Thank you! Please feel free to poke my blog for more awesome stuff!

Dukan Diet detox teas

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