What I Eat to Lose Weight

What I eat to lose weight on the Dukan Diet. I am making a commitment to help and support you while you are on the Dukan Diet and lose this weight once an for all, it’s easy so don’t panic. The Dukan Diet rules can be found HERE. 

This Page will be updated regularly with recipes to help you lose weight.

I hardly found anything on youtube or even Pinterest that was Dukan friendly to eat that followed the guidelines exactly especially in the Attack Phase or the Cruise phase. Here I will help you learn and find out what to eat that is satisfying and delicious. I read some blogs, forums and the general rules but I wanted more details and mores specific recipes.

The first rapid weight loss phases are the Attack Phase which is mostly protein for 3-6 days and the Cruise Phase which is protein and vegetables.

The general rule is to not eat anything that is above 5% fat. I also read another website that recommended no fat above 2% so that is what I stuck to and it worked out painlessly and this is what I believe helped me lose 2 lbs a week in the 3 months I lost the 25 lbs. I have found that 0% greek yogurt, milk and low fat cheese tastes exactly like higher fat foods. I also make lattes with 1% milk or any coffee house has low fat milk as well.  And trust me, it’s not the end of the world to have low fat cheese. I’ll discuss cheese a bit later…

There is also no sugar on this diet. Don’t freak out! My friend was dating a personal trainer that made her drop sugar and I thought it was impossible but sure enough, she lost 15 lbs that summer and looks fabulous. Sugar is so bad for you that I will be obsolete in 10 years anyway because there are so many other better nutritional sugar substitutes that are plant based like stevia. I probably honestly, have 3 packets of stevia per day, not much really and I do not feel remotely sweetness deprived. Not even remotely.

There are also no carbs on this diet. I know you’re really freaking out now. Please don’t! Let me explain…

In the initial 2 phases: the Attack and Cruise Phases there are no carbs but as soon as you reach your goal weight carbs are introduced and then in the last, 4th phase you can eat what you want…including carbs! Sometimes in life you have to be patient and this is one of them. Don’t worry…it will be worth it and you can do it. Seriously, it’s not painful or boring or difficult. When you weigh yourself every day and the numbers on the scale are going down and you’re not starving its really mind blowing.

There are lots of foods that are less than 2% fat and less than 2 grams of sugar. This is where you are reading the labels. I’ve been reading labels for a couple of decades so I’m sure you have been too. For example: go to the bakery section of your grocery store and check out the label on French Bread. NOT Italian Calabrese bread that is right beside it. That bread is made with olive oil and French bread is made with water, flour, yeast and salt. The label on the french bread states its 1.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of sugar. This is totally Dukan Friendly!!! Dr. Dukan is French! Now, you cannot eat this bread during the first 2 phases but you can in the 3rd consolidation phase and 4th stabilization phase.

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

I shouldn’t even be telling you this but since it’s been one year since I started the diet I eat quite a bit of french bread with ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter’ and I’m still at 124 lbs every day.  And at age 50 and totally pre-menopausal. I don’t recommend too much of this fake butter because its bad for you but if you really need something creamy its an option…more about this later.

I kept to the basics of this diet and did not get into Pinterest Dukan recipes because when I did I didn’t lose my goal of 2 lbs a week. I kept the same weight. When you weigh yourself every day and you didn’t lose a pound that week its very frustrating so stick to the basics. Don’t make Dukan Bread, its too good and you end up eating the whole loaf in 2 days. I also bought low carb tortillas at 2 grams of fat and didn’t lose weight. I thought it could sneak it in during the cruise phase but it didn’t work as per Dr. Dukan’s rules. I would recommend these during the consolidation phase when you’re introducing new foods besides protein and vegetables.

Attack Phase: 

If you need to lose 1-10 lbs you are in this phase for 2 days, 10-30 lbs is 5 days and over 30 lbs is 7 days.

On the Dukan Diet you need to drink quite a bit of water because too much protein is not good for the kidneys and water will flush that out. I drink water with Crystal Lite because I can’t choke down tons of boring water each and every day. This is for all phases.

Cafe Lattes with 1% milk and skinny syrup or stevia: I recommend getting the skinny syrups so you don’t die of boredom. See my post about skinny syrups. They don’t pay me to push their products but these were a life safer for me. In my coffee my favorite flavors are: mocha, white chocolate, Irish cream, pumpkin spice, chocolate, or maple bourbon pecan. So tasty!! I also make decaf lattes with 1% milk and skinny syrups because they are so filling and this shuts me up for around 2 hours a day. Once again, no starving or even hungry on this diet. Rarely do I ever complain about being hungry.

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

Greek Yogurt: I eat quite a bit of 0% fat greek yogurt (once again its totally creamy like 2% or 4% yogurt). I have it with stevia, Fat Free French Vanilla International Delight coffee creamer. It’s 0.5 grams of fat and 5 grams of sugar. I’m hoping one day they make fat free sugar free but I have 1-2 tbsp’s a day and I still lose weight even though there’s sugar. You MUST have oat bran each day so its 1.5 tbsp’s in the attack phase. If you have digestive issues you can have 2 tbsp’s per day. Then for flavor I add one of my favorite skinny syrups: coconut, ginger, or white chocolate. Sometimes I have lemon juice with stevia and it tastes exactly like Haagen Dasz Limoncello Gelato! I also have yogurt with stevia, the coffee creamer and Hersey Fat Free chocolate syrup. Most days I just add sugar free jam and stevia and I have enough variety to keep me going.

I have actually had this flavored yogurt every day for one year with my oat bran and I’m still not sick of it.

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

Eggs: I don’t have eggs every day but they have 5 grams of fat and lots of protein, 7 grams. I scramble 2 eggs in a non stick frying pan with a smidge of oil. Maybe on a weekend or if I’m ordering breakfast in a restaurant and sometimes I have hard boiled eggs in the fridge if I want a small high protein snack.

Meat: to be honest I buy quite a bit of ‘healthier’ cold cuts from Whole Food grocery stores or ones with no BPA’s or nitrates. I buy roasted turkey or chicken breasts with 1.5 grams of fat or lower fat beef cold cuts. Corned beef or smoked meat have 5 grams of fat but I still lost weight eating those so I buy them occasionally. I also buy whole roasted chickens and will make a beef brisket in the slow cooker or BBQ a steak. You can BBQ a huge steak if you feel like it. I like to marinate chicken thighs (no skin or fat) with lime juice and pepper and BBQ them. You can also make lean (or extra lean) beef with onions and spices. This is actually my favorite dish and I lost more weight eating the extra lean hamburger meat and onions and spices are allowed in the attack phase.

Fish: I researched fish and did not find any great news. This is the fish story: I live on the west coast and many people measure fish with radiation equipment since the March 2011 Fukashima incident. They say its ‘ok’ but I don’t trust or personally believe government officials or people who make money selling fish. The sushi restaurants say they know nothing about it but still….Having said that I do eat some sushi and I might have a seafood salad or fish tacos.

Most fish is actually shipped in from China. This fish is usually not the actual fish you think you are buying. They might call it Cod but its really a low quality tilapia fish fed with chicken poop or human waste. You can do further research about fish if you like but I rarely eat fish. The only time I have fish is when its wild salmon on a salad or lobster when I’m actually on the East Coast and I know its fresh from the Atlantic Ocean.

You are also allowed spices and 2 other items: goji berries and shirataki noodles. I soak the goji in purified water so they get plumper and put them in my yogurt with sugar free jam…its delicious. The Shirataki noodles are made from a konjac root. They taste exactly like regular pasta and you get them at a Whole Foods grocery store. I add them to my hamburger and onion dish. I have had them with organic pasta sauce but those store bought sauces have sugar in them and it just tastes…sweet.

This Attack Phase is a purely protein phase and you lose a lot of water weight as the protein flushes out toxins and water. The amount of protein you can have is unlimited. There’s no counting calories, no worrying about eating in the evening or portion sizes. I personally did not lose any weight in this phase and was on it for 5 days. Don’t worry, people who need to lose more weight than 10 or 20 lbs have a bit more excess water kicking around. If you don’t lose any weight in this phase don’t get discouraged, it will come you just have to stick with it.

Cruise Phase: 

This is the most exciting phase! This is the part where you are losing 2 lbs a week. You are not going to believe me but you will literally be losing a pound every 3 or 4 days and you will not be hungry. You will still be thinking about food but you won’t feel starving or deprived in any way.

I was also walking briskly 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. No gym or boot camps or running, just brisk walking with music in my phone.

You will have a pure protein day just like the Attack phase but every second day you will be adding vegetables. No potatoes, corn or any starchy ones. I would still have my cafe lattes, greek yogurt and meats but I would be adding my favorite salads and steamed veggies. I love steamed cauliflower or broccoli so feel free to eat your normal favorite veggies.

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

As lunch or a snack I would make a turkey breast, low fat cheese, low fat mayonnaise and butter lettuce wraps. They are pretty filling and tasty. I really lost a lot of weight eating these. More so than cooking chicken breasts or buying a roasted chicken.

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

In my slow cooker I would make lazy cabbage rolls: it’s really just browned hamburger meat with sauteed onions, sliced cabbage, spices and organic tomato sauce. No rice.

I’d also make chicken noodle soup: I’d boil a chicken for 1 1/2 hours, add onions and carrots, lemon juice and spices and simmer for another half hour. You can add shirataki noodles if you wish but I always ran out of room in my pot…minus the noodle part.

I would have lots of salads with chicken or steak slices from the BBQ or roasted turkey. In my garden I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and cilantro that I would through in.

There is no fruit eaten in this phase which feels super weird but fruit has natural sugars and for rapid weight loss there is no sugar allowed. Most fruit is GMO grown with lots of pesticides so I didn’t really miss fruit much. I think fruit grown in tropical environments is ideal but if your fruit travels 1000-3000 miles to get to you and sits in warehouses up to a year (yep, apples) then its not all that great to begin with. If you can acquire organic fruit for the next phase then that’s perfect.

Consolidation Phase: 

You are at your goal weight now and are quite happy and ecstatic!  This phase reintroduces normal foods to the strict diet to maintain your true goal weight. Your body needs to slowly adjust before you can start eating what you want. This phase lasts 10 days for every pound lost, so many months. You can have vegetables every day, one serving of fruit with the exception of bananas, grapes, cherries or dried fruit and oat bran is 2 tbsp’s now. You can have 2 slices of whole grain bread, a piece of cheese, one starchy food and a celebration meal each week including wine!

To be honest, I never really had rice, celebration meals or wine because I was so thrilled to just lose 25 lbs I didn’t want to take any chances pigging out so I was still very much ‘dieting’. It takes 21 days to break a bad habit so by now you are really into your routine and favorite foods.

Plus, seeing the scale go down every 4 days and super loose clothing is enough to keep anyone on track. One thing I recommend is not having the 2 slices of bread in the morning. When you have carbs your body craves carbs for the rest of the day. I read that some people on the Dukan Diet would start going crazy at this bread eating phase. I personally did not have any whole wheat bread and I think I just introduced some 2 fat gram crackers. I DID NOT want to gain this weight back that I just lost!

In this phase I stuck to pure proteins with my normal favorite veggies, yogurt, eggs, meats, and lattes. And lots of water. By this time and even much earlier I didn’t crave certain foods or ever felt deprived, hungry, starving or that I was even on a ‘diet’. I remember when my mother choked down plain cottage cheese, boring salads and rice cakes…eewww…

In this phase you are allowed 3 tbsp’s of oat bran. I just put it in my yogurt but you can make a galatte which is a french pancake. You can start eating these pancakes in the cruise phase but I enjoy them more with 3 tbsp’s of oat bran so I can have 2 good sized pancakes. The recipe is 3 tbsp’s oat bran, 1 1/2 tbsp of yogurt, one egg and one egg white. You can add baking powder to make them fluffier and I also add cinnamon, stevia or chocolate powder. I have these with sugar free maple syrup and the fake low fat butter.

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

I buy low fat cheese. I do make a non fat chili with extra lean beef, spices, veggies and melt low fat 5% mozzarella cheese on top. I shouldn’t even be telling you this but I buy those Fat Free crappy processed cheese slices and eat them as a snack in the afternoons and put them on my butter lettuce, chicken wraps. They are filling and non fat so yeah, not great for you but it’s Dukan friendly. I also buy Lite Laughing Cow cheese that I have with sugar free jam in the evenings. Maybe on a cracker.

Another thing I shouldn’t tell you is that I buy Lite Whipped Cream in a can and squirt it right into my mouth! It’s 1.5 grams of fat and 2 grams of sugar so Dukan Diet friendly too!  It’s a wonderful little sweet snack to have after dinner or before bed. I have around 4-5 squirts a night…when I do buy it…every week…er…yeah.

I also eat those Arrowroot cookies. They are 1 gram of fat and 2 grams of sugar so you guessed it…Dukan friendly and a nice after dinner snack too.

Stabilization Phase: 

This phase lasts the rest of your life as long as you don’t pig out. The only rules are that you have a least one pure protein day per week, you walk at least 20 minutes a day, still drink lots of water, and take the stairs whenever you can. I’ve been at this stage for many, many months and I can honestly say that I do eat whatever I want, I don’t feel guilty, hungry or starving. And I especially don’t center my thoughts and my life around food. I don’t have much of an appetite and I’m no longer obsessed with my body or my food. Psychologically, I feel 100% more in tune with my body and much happier with how I feel. Genuinely happy!

Dukan Diet Lose Weight

These are the foods I eat to keep me from losing my mind, packed with flavor, sugar free or fat free.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to poke around my site and feel inspired! Teri

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