How to Lose Weight Once and For All

Welcome to Dukan Girl! How to lose weight once and for all. In great detail this is exactly how I lost 25 lbs in 3 months. I feel this is the ‘Lazy Girl’s Diet’ as it was much easier that I thought it would be. In June 2016 I weighed 149 lbs and I was 5’5″ in height. I was mortified. How could this be? I was determined to lose weight and keep it off. It was actually one of the easiest things I have ever done in my life and I’m going to tell you in great detail exactly how I did it.

I did some research and found the Dukan Diet on YouTube. To be honest, there wasn’t very much information on this diet anywhere so I checked out the Dukan Diet website and did the ‘Free Calculate Your True Weight’ quiz for determining my TRUE weight or essentially my goal weight: the weight your body really, really wants to be at.

Their website is HERE if you want to check it out. They have lots of Dukan Diet friendly foods with all the details.

Now Dr. Dukan is french and 30 years ago he had an obese patient who asked to devise a diet for him. Dr. Dukan asked what he liked eating and he said ‘meat’. So he ate meat for a week and lost 12 lbs. Dr. Dukan was floored so he devised this diet and it has become a best selling book. Apparently, Princess Catherine, her mother and Jennifer Lopaz lost weight on the Dukan Diet. If it’s good enough for Jennifer, it’s certainly good enough for me.


How to lose weight once and for all

One of the rules is to walk briskly for at least 20 minutes a day. Since I live beside a river on the West Coast I got up at 6:00am, walked for 30 minutes and again for 30 minutes after work. I meant business! This is super easy especially with great music. Ok, no problem.  So get this: there is no calorie counting, no being hungry (I’m serious) and no gym workouts. There is also no fat, no carbs and no sugar…DON’T FREAK OUT AND DELETE ME, trust me! Keep on reading and I’ll teach you how to eat so you lose this weight forever.

I lost 25 lbs and now weigh 124 lbs even though my true weight is 130 lbs. I have kept it off for a year and eat whatever I want as long as I don’t pig out. As a matter of fact I had 2 pieces of chocolate cake on the weekend and even had 2 whole handfuls of peanut M&M’s last night and still weigh 124 lbs. I also only walk 30 minutes a day now since I hit 124 lbs 7 months ago in October 2016..

Dukan diet lose weightI mainly eat a lot of  0% greek yogurt which tastes exactly like higher fat yogurt, 1% cottage cheese, 1% milk, I make my own 0% fat cream cheese, low fat cheese, chicken, beef, cold cuts from Whole Foods, eggs, most vegetables, minimal fruit, arrowroot cookies, tea, lots of water with crystal light, burgers from Fat Burger with a lettuce wrap, sugar free maple syrup, sugar free jam, coffee and  ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ for my oat bran pancakes.

I read labels just like I used to and grocery shop twice a week. There is basically no dining out or fruit until you reach your true weight, you must plan your food for the day and if you’re hungry you eat something low fat. Medically, it’s not super healthy forever but once you reach the 4th phase of the diet you can eat what you want.

I used to be raw/vegan and actually gained weight eating fruit, veggies and quinoa. I gained 20 lbs over 7 years. Raw/ vegan is excellent if it works for you and vegetarian is also excellent if you can manage your weight. I found with the vegan diet there are huge calories eating coconut oil, olive oils on salad, butter on steamed veggies and other carbs.

I heavily researched how food affects the body after my mother passed away from breast cancer and discovered that the raw/vegan diet was the best diet to prevent cancer. I even wrote a book about it called ‘Healing Cancer Yourself’.

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I think its a great diet if you live in a tropical environment but getting high quality ‘fruits and veggies in North America is very difficult. I also found out that there is a large amount of BPA’s in vegetables especially from California. Let’s think about this: California had a huge drought for approximately 5 years (until a couple of months ago) and I wondered how they watered all of these fruits and veggies. Apparently, they were buying water from oil refineries for cheap and ‘cleaning’ the water for huge farms or corporations. Please check this out if you don’t believe me.  Plus the pesticides on our fruits and veggies are brutal. Having a green smoothie of non-organic vegetables is like injecting pesticides right into your arm.

I almost moved to Costa Rica several years ago but did some research and found out that they use pesticides that were banned from the USA 25 years ago and organic food there is quite expensive. I even wonder if organic in conventional grocery stores here is really organic or not…so please be mindful when purchasing your fruits and veggies!Dukan diet lose weight

Unfortunately, I gained 20 lbs so I made the decision to change my diet and keep it off.  I’m extremely happy I did so (photos at bottom of post). This is how I did it: For breakfast I have a homemade Cafe Latte with 1% milk, stevia and skinny syrup (I’ll do a separate post on Jordan’s Skinny Syrups). On weekends I have the oat bran galatte which is a fabulous tasting and filling pancake that is a staple in the Dukan Diet. I have it with sugar free maple syrup and low fat ‘butter’.

As a snack I’ll  have a hard boiled egg or a decaf Cafe Latte with 1% milk. For lunch I’ll have chicken or beef cold cuts from Whole Foods, low fat cheese, and low fat mayonnaise on butter lettuce. Yogurt with sugar free jam, goji berries, and 3 tablespoons of oat bran (oat bran is a main staple that must be eaten every day starting with 1 tbsp up to 3 tbsp/day).

dukan diet lose weightFor dinner a salad with 1 tbsp olive oil and low fat mozzarella and other vegetables. Sometimes I go out for breakfast and order 2 scrambled eggs and coffee. I may also have chicken or steak for dinner. Sometimes I’m not hungry at all so I don’t eat anything and have a cup of tea.

Under the Dukan Rules section HERE I explain the 4 Phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation, and Stabilization. The Attack Phase is a few days, Cruise is until you get to your True weight, Consolidation introduces real foods again and Stabilization is for the rest of your life. I have different posts for each phase and all the variations of foods I eat.

I also have tried several Dukan recipes from Pinterest but did not lose weight on those days, just maintained my weight the same as if I went to a restaurant. For example, the Dukan bread is so delicious that you don’t have one piece but half the loaf.  There is also a no salt rule = no bloating! Yeah, a totally flat stomach All.The.Time.  I have also ordered quite a bit of Dukan Diet food from their website like the chocolate covered cookies!. It’s HERE if you want to check it out.

Another trick I use is drinking a detox tea most nights. If you have a “water closet issue” then tea to aid digestion works really nicely. They can be called ‘Smooth Move’, Ballerina Tea, Yogi Lemon Detox Tea or Chinese Tea.

I also weighed myself every day and visualized the next pound that I was going to be getting rid of. This really, really helped me. If I was 130 lbs I wished for 129 lbs and sure enough I lost 2 lbs a week every week until 124 lbs hit. I also noticed when I went shopping all the mirrors showed off my results and I’m quite honestly still shocked about how nice I look. I haven’t looked this thin since I was in my 20’s.

Well, there you have it. I found that this was the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I see people running or doing boot camps or doing weights at the gym and not getting any results…at all. Seriously, weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise but personal trainers won’t tell you this otherwise they wouldn’t make any money. Gyms and instructors keep this a secret or else, you guessed it…wouldn’t make any money.

Until now…walking briskly 20-60 minutes a day is all the working out you need to lose weight.

See my before and after photos:

Before The Dukan Diet
Before Dukan Diet 149 lbs
After Dukan Diet
Dukan Diet weight loss of 25 lbs

These photos don’t really look like I weighed 149 lbs but believe me, I was! And this is what I looked like 6 months ago and right now. I still weigh 124 lbs

Thank you for reading my post! Feel free to poke around my blog and find some other awesome posts to let me help you!

You will thank yourself a year from now, seriously. Teri

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