How to Slay Obesity with The Dukan Diet

How to slay obesity with the Dukan Diet. So I read a fascinating article regarding obesity rates and why people gain the weight back after being on a diet and wanted to share this information. I have always wondered how the people on “The Biggest Loser’ show fared after the show ended. I know they have support and continue to work out (not 6 hours a day as on the show) but still keep a diet and exercise regimen when they get home.

How to Slay obesity with the Dukan Diet

A scientist at the federal research center by the name of Kevin Hall researched and followed the 16 contestants for 6 years after their season ended back in 2009. He specializes in metabolism and discovered just how hard the body fights back to regain this weight. At the onset of the show the contestants had normal metabolisms for their size and were burning the normal amount of calories for people of that weight.

When the show ended they had slower metabolisms so their bodies were not burning enough calories to maintain their thinner sizes. Now scientists know that this happens but they shockingly did not know that the years after their bodies kept that slower metabolism. What happened was the numbers on the scale increased but their metabolisms did not recover.

For example, lets say a woman is 250 lbs and eats 2000 calories a day. When on a traditional diet she eats 1200 calories a day for one year and loses 100 lbs. What happens when the metabolism slows down she must now eat 500 calories less a day to maintain that weight of 150 lbs. So this poor woman would have to eat 700 calories a day for the rest of her life to maintain the weight of 150 lbs. Unfortunately, in real life people don’t eat 7 snacks a day (at 100 calories each) or eating no actual meals and certainly no restaurant meals.

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In June 2016 I weighed 149 lbs and started The Dukan Diet. I lost 2 lbs per week and currently weigh 124 lbs a year later. I strictly followed the diet through the 4 phases with the final Stabilization Phase being the last and simplest phase. The first phase is protein being mostly meat and zero fat dairy. Totally doable and it lasts only 3-6 days. The second Cruise phase is protein, low fat dairy and vegetables, no problem.  You would follow this until you hit your True weight or goal weight. The third phase called the Consolidation Phase which introduces, fruit, cheese, whole wheat bread and some normal meals. The last Stabilization phase is for the rest of your life…but no pigging out, one protein day a week and still 20-30 minutes a day of brisk walking.

The Dukan Diet Rules can be found HERE.

Dukan Diet lose weight

Dr. Dukan has been researching and supporting this diet for over 30 years with huge success. I’ve read that some people on our diet who start pigging out ie. eating too many carbs start gaining the weight back and then have to revert back to the full protein Attack Phase to lose the excess weight.

This is also a no brainer because we are so used to protein days and walking it is literally second nature to us. Plus by the time you are in the Stabilization Phase you are so thin and fabulous looking and feeling you wouldn’t dream of pigging out for days on end. Seriously, your body is trained to eat this new way…it takes only 21 days to break a bad habit so 5 months into healthy eating this way and you wouldn’t dream of sabotaging your hard work and effort.

I realistically eat around 1200-1400 calories a day and have maintained my weight of 124 lbs. Us Dukaners do not count calories but we do weigh ourselves every day. If I weigh around 126 lbs I take out carbs for 2 days and eat mostly protein, greek yogurt and salad. Literally, not the end of the world people.Dukan Diet lose weight

My True Weight, or the weight my body wants to be at is 130 lbs so being able to maintain 5 lbs less than that is still pretty mind blowing to me. You have to calculate this on Dr. Dukan’s website at Dukan Here.  If I’m craving something sweet which is every day I have greek yogurt with no sugar jam, stevia and oat bran. This is usually where I eat my required oat bran each day. In the last Stabilization Phase I also eat Arrowroot cookies which are only 1.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of sugar…yay…staying within the Dukan rules. I also found NO SUGAR CHOCOLATE SYRUP that I also mix with greek yogurt and stevia. Plus the Skinny Syrups I use are also delicious and a life safer. I’m so happy I have found ways to enjoy sweets and in no shape or form do I feel deprived in ANY way. I’m not making this up…I seriously no longer need to eat Haagen Daez…my only prior weakness!

So as you can see I wasn’t obese to begin with but Dr. Dukan has found a way to stabilize ones weight and as long as you follow the rules there is no need to lose a large amount of weight and then start pigging out on carbs and gain the weight back. You do have to have a bit of self control and seriously, enjoy your new body and realize that NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN BEING SLIM.

If you feel inspired please feel free to poke around my blog and see if there is anything else interesting. I’ve been put on this planet to help people so let me help you!

Thank you, Teri

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