How Skinny Syrups Helped Me Lose 25 lbs

How skinny syrups helped me lose 25 lbs on the Dukan Diet. Well, one of the things that has helped me greatly during this whole process are Jordan’s Skinny Syrups. I’m basically obsessed with them and I have to tell you that having these zero calorie, zero sugar, zero fat super tasty drink sweeteners is an incredible game changer. Gone are the days when dieting was super boring and all we had was crappy aspartame in coffee. It was quite hellish really. Remember when diets were cottage cheese, lettuce, apples, and dry chicken? Like in the 80’s…

How Skinny Syrups helped me lose 25 lbs

It seemed for decades there was just nothing tasty or delicious. But now we have companies that are tuning in to ladies, specifically that don’t want to drink their calories. No point in being on a diet and having 300-400 calorie drinks.

They also have skinny mixes for alcoholic beverages such as zero calorie, zero sugar margarita mix, appletini’s or pomegranate mix that you just add ice and vodka.


My favorite Skinny Syrups are:

Ginger: put with lemon water in the morning or with lemon detox tea at night

Coconut: mixed with 0% greek yogurt, stevia, and oat bran

Cinnamon Vanilla:  put with detox tea at night

Mocha: in my homemade Cafe Lattes, of course! I heat up 1% milk and put coffee and milk in my bodom/coffee press for 5 minutes and add the Mocha syrup. Omg…it’s so delicious

Irish Cream: see above for total awesomeness

White Chocolate: I mix it in my 1% greek yogurt or in my Cafe Lattes

Pumpkin Spice: in my Cafe Lattes

Maple Bourbon: in my Cafe Lattes

I can hardly describe how my increased quality of my food and drinks are due to this absolutely fantastic product. Really, it’s been quite incredible. It’s made from sucralose which isn’t super healthy but most processed foods are not. When you’re dieting and need to stay focused and determined to stick to the Dukan Diet you need variety and some sweetness in your life.

If you are extremely against ingesting chemicals of any kind I would not recommend Skinny Syrups but I literally have only 3 tbsp’s per day, in my Cafe Latte, decafe Cafe Latte and greek yogurt.

I used to be raw/vegan and was obviously super healthy but I gained 20 lbs in 7 years. Now since I lost 25 lbs over 3 months and kept it off I have NO problem eating meat, dairy and super tasty chemicals.

I know it sounds weird but people need to pick the right diet for them and I’m here to say the Dukan Diet is life changing and very easy to follow, especially when you’re NEVER hungry and lose 2 lbs Every.Single.Week. Seriously, I still can’t believe it.

You can find out the Dukan Diet rules HERE.

If you feel inspired please feel free to poke around my blog and find out more info.

Thank you!

They are very difficult to find in stores so this is what they look like, I only recommend items that I’m obsessed with:

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