The Dukan Diet vs. The Ketogenic Diet

I wanted to discuss the difference between the Dukan Diet and the Ketogenic Diet and which one is easier. The Ketogenic Diet is very interesting. When I was 149 lbs and started my quest to lose this darned weight I did some research and discovered this extremely high fat, high protein diet called the Ketogenic Diet. The premise, among other things is that the brain is mostly fat and the body needs high amounts of fat. Your body enters a ketosis phase and burns off fat firstly from your own fat cells. It’s a bit complicated. I first thought ‘This is awesome, I can have Haagen Dazs’ so I went on it and liked it at first.

The Dukan Diet vs the Ketogenic Diet

They have coffee called ‘Bulletproof coffee’ which is made with unsalted butter, coffee and coconut oil mixed in a blender. It’s quite tasty. You also eat bacon, cream cheese, heavy cream, other fats and mostly protein. ┬áIt’s low carb and there’s many low carb recipes on Pinterest so I thought it was great except that I felt a bit nauseous on it. All.The.Time.

Dukan diet coffee lose weight

Just enough to not really want to eat too much. The fat was just too rich for me. This was a problem…every day.

I also found the success stories were from people who worked out at the gym 5 days a week. There were some obese people that had great success and some lost a pound a day for the first 14 days in a row. My close friend tried this diet as well with me at the same time but she also felt nauseous so she quit after 2 weeks.

It’s very interesting how the human body works but I was on it for 6 weeks and lost only 2 lbs. I was a bit upset about it. I wasn’t working out at all so in order for it to work there is definite gym time…ugh. I’m just too lazy for that. I went to the gym for 2 decades, mountain biked raced, road bike raced and ran 5km and 10km races. Weight trained, did hundreds of hours cycling and doing those sweaty cycle classes. Have you ever gone to a cycle class? It’s a great workout but if its a really busy class the bikes are quite close together and if you’re right behind someone their sweaty rear end is literally right in your face. OMG I’m getting nauseous just thinking about it. Plus I didn’t feel like putting in those brutal hours again.

Then I started googling diets again. After I was raw/vegan for 7 years I started eating a bit of meat 2 years ago (just like 84% eventually do). When I was eating only raw foods I couldn’t comprehend in my brain how people could eat meat. I did read though at some vegans snuck in meat sometimes and if you have a non-vegan partner its really easy to start eating meat and dairy again.

Plus that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives TV show sure has some good looking meat dishes…

dukan diet

Then I found the Dukan Diet on June 22, 2016, lost 25 lbs and have been very happy ever since. I urge you to read and enjoy the rest of my blog on how to do this super easy rapid weight loss diet. You can find the Dukan Diet rules HERE. I’ve been put on this planet to help people so let me help you.

Feel free to check out some other posts.

Thank you! Teri



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