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Thinspiration Motivation! One thing that really kept me motivated on the Dukan Diet back on June 2016 was online inspiration. I started watching before and after videos on Youtube and then looked at some recipes. There really wasn’t that much on the Dukan Diet to look at. A couple of ladies had series of videos on what they ate in a day and when I started I really needed help just like you.

I was motivated and bound and determined to stick to this diet. Once I got the hang of it is was quite easy. I weighed 149 lbs and I’m steady at 124 lbs for one year. It’s really a no brainer for me. I used to constantly think about food and was always hungry. It’s was so annoying! Spending my whole life thinking about food and my body...geez, I have better things to do with my life.

Anyway, I searched ‘Thinspiration’ and these Pinterest pins really helped me keep focused and on track:

Feeling Bloated? I found an easy 2 day cleanse. Detox. Reset the good bacteria…:


Everytime I am at the store and don't get cookies I regret it later. Which is everytime. Why won't I just let myself eat a cookie?:

You can't make the same mistake twice.The second time it's not a mistake, it's a choice.:

Kate Moss!

Cinnamon & Honey Detox Diet More:

be fit | motivation | sexy | wellness | fitspiration [ ]:

Fitness Motivation (FlTNESSpics) on Twitter:

A year from now you'll wish you had started today:

#Fitspo #fitsperation is better than #thinspo. Starting clean this week:

And for some reason this is the one that resonated with me the most:

Image result for being fat is hard quote

I encourage you to get some of your own Thinspiration Motivational Pins. The Dukan Diet is life changing and worth it!

The Dukan Diet rules can be found HERE.

If you feel inspired to lose weight please feel free to poke around my blog for more awesome information.I was put on this planet to help people so let me help and support you. Thank you! Teri

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