Working Out on The Dukan Diet

One thing I love about working out on the Dukan Diet is that Dr. Dukan states the only exercise is brisk walking. The actual rule is to walk 20 minutes a day at the onset. When I started one year ago I meant business and didn’t want to mess around at the get go so I walked 30 minutes at 6:00 am before work and again for 30 minutes after work.

I happen to live on the West Coast beside a beautiful walkway and river near the ocean so its really a no brainer for me. I thoroughly enjoy all of my walks especially since I have 300 wicked ass songs on my phone (using headphones). It’s a great time to get my self sorted and organized for the day in the morning and de-stress in the evening.

Dukan Diet lose weight

I started the Dukan Diet specifically for weight loss June 2016 and went from 149 lbs to 124 lbs in 3 months. I know I can’t brag about losing 25 lbs in a month like some other people on the internet do but I am being completely honest and realistic about my weight loss…for real. It’s really 2 lbs per week and in the last phase of the diet Dr. Dukan teaches us how to keep the weight off forever…which is what I’m doing right now.

I have kept the weight off for one full year. Sometimes I’m 126 lbs or even 128 lbs but my true weight is actually 130 lbs as per the Dukan Diet website calculator. You can find this out on their site HERE. So actually being under my true weight is totally awesome! Sometimes I want to be 120 lbs and be totally sexy but I just can’t really get there…if I really tried eating less and walking more maybe but I look and feel great so that’s whats important! You can find out the Dukan Diet Rules here.

When it started getting darker in the morning and rainier in the evenings I purchased a used treadmill on Craigslist for $200. I put it in my garage because I didn’t want to use it as a ‘clothing rack’ all summer. I loved using it all winter because I would just plug in my ipad and watch videos or Ted talks or listen to music. Still again, just walking maybe on a 1% incline but still it was super easy and this kept my weight off since October of 2016. I have to admit I did not walk in the mornings but just 30 minutes each evening. I now just walk 30 minutes a day and if its super beautiful out or I have time I will walk 60 minutes.

Another thing I find that really helps is that I found some cute workout clothes that I set on my dresser at night. It motivates me to walk in the morning and looking nice helps quite a bit. There’s lots of reasonably priced yoga pants, sports bras and jackets even in regular clothing stores now. I also have a variety of footwear again, nothing overly expensive, just comfortable.

When I was 18 years old I started going to the gym and really enjoyed it but didn’t see much results. Then in my 20’s and 30’s I started cycling and even ended up racing mountain bikes and then road bikes (like those Tour de France bikes). I also really enjoyed cycling and racing but didn’t really lose any weight either. I was a bit pissed about it and even had a personal trainer but certainly never lost a whole lot. I think I got down to 125 lbs but my fat percentage was 14% which is quite low for a woman. Most women are between 20% and 30%. Plus my V02 maximum was 50.1. This has to do with having a healthy lung capacity and most professional athletes are around 65 like Lance Armstrong. Again most women have approximately 30 to 40 V02 Max.

So I do know a thing or two about working out. One thing about doing too much cardio is I was always super hungry afterwards. We lived on the outskirts of a large city and rode our bikes 60 miles or 90 kms in 3 1/2 hours almost every Sunday from April to September during racing season or we raced on Sundays. I would always eat one or two bagels with peanut butter after or approximately 600 calories after burning 600 calories in the 3 hours. Plus I was starving the rest of the day and evening. Then on race days we would carbo load the night before which was pasta and chicken and then I’d have delicious oatmeal the morning of.

Again, lots of calories and cardio so no real weight loss. Plus we were riding our bikes 10-12 hours per week, even after work!

Then several years ago I’d started running and doing 5km and 10km races. My boyfriend at the time was actually winning most races he was in so I couldn’t really sit around on my butt watching him. Again, lots of cardio and no weight loss.

Around two years ago I heard a commercial on the radio about the Dr. Bernstein diet and the lady said she worked out for 5 days a week for a year and didn’t lose an ounce until she started dieting. Personal trainers don’t tell you that weight loss is 90% diet and 10% fitness because they make money teaching people cardio and weight training. I’m unsure if they learned this taking their Kinesiology degrees or if they just keep it a secret. But after my experience I personally feel that walking briskly is all you need to do to lose weight and if you want to be super toned, have a six pack or be really defined then sure, definitely go to the gym or do yoga. Here is a totally awesome article if you’d like to be toned and get defined. It has over 113,000 shares and the photos are incredible! The last photo struck me as being quite funny. Someone has a real personality!

Dukan diet weight loss

Since I’m pre-menopausal I could in no way shape or form lose one single ounce being on the raw food diet, vegan diet or being vegetarian. I started eating meat again over 2 years ago and tried to eat small balanced meals but still ended up gaining 20 lbs over the last 7 years…which I found to be mortifying. Then I googled ‘menopause diet’ and in a tiny forum somewhere a woman recommended to check out the Dukan Diet. Well, I’m so happy and elated to report that yes, serious weight loss at age 49 is possible. Any weight loss at any age with the Dukan Diet is possible.

So feel free to poke around my site and get inspired!

Thank you, Teri

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